Have you heard of plogging? Plogging is a blend of the Swedish phrase ‘plocka upp’ (meaning ‘pick up’) and ‘jogging’. It debuted in Sweden in 2016 and made its way to the United States in 2018. Essentially plogging is a way to work in some environmental consciousness into a run, jog or walk.

Why Participate?

Plogging gives you the opportunity to exercise while benefiting your community.

How can you plog in your local community?

To get started try these suggestions below to start impacting your community today!

Plogging Route – Choose a route that is heavily littered, and of course safe.

Pick Up Materials – You don’t need much! Just grab some gloves, bags, and water to keep you hydrated.

Don’t Forget Safety – This may sound simple, but it’s important. Your plogging route may require you to cross streets. Always pay attention when crossing, remember to wear gloves when picking up litter, and stay away from picking-up sharp objects.

Finished, Now What? –  When your plog is finished, don’t forget to properly dispose of the litter in the correct recycling or trash bins.

Show Off – Show off all the hard work you’ve done, and post about it! Use the #LitterIsNotInvited hashtag so we can follow your plogging journey.

How To Have A Litter-Free Halloween Because

Halloween is almost upon us which means costumes, candy, and litter, but you can also help reduce litter. Here are some ways to have a more eco-friendly and litter-free Halloween.

Trick-Or-Treat – Take it old school. Instead of buying a new jack-o-lantern bucket use an old pillowcase to collect all your candy.

DIY Your Costume –  Instead of buying a costume that you might only use once, use items around the house to create your desired look, like these examples here.

Spooky Decor – Make your house spooky by painting skulls on old bottles, and creating noisemakers with old cans to make a spooky sound as the wind goes through them.

Of course, properly dispose of all candy wrappers, and if you see any on the ground while you’re trick-or-treating be nice and pick them up to dispose of them properly.

What’s Going On?

Lend a helping hand, and help clean up your local communities at these events in your neighborhood, because, #LitterIsNotInvited.

Neighboorhood Litter Stomp

Stomp out litter with the city of Fort Worth on October 19th. Neighborhood Litter Stomp is a citywide volunteer litter cleanup hosted by Keep Fort Worth Beautiful every fall. Fort Worth wants residents and businesses to focus on beautifying their surrounding community. Get your friends, family, and neighbors together and clean your local park, school or block.

Click here for more info

1st Annual Trinity Metro Bus Stop Clean-Up Day

Be a part of the first-ever Trinity Metro Bus Clean-Up Day on October 26th. Join local community members as they help clean-up neighborhood bus stops. Participants will receive trash bags, safety vests, gloves, and t-shirts.

Click here for more info

Operation Beautification

On November 2nd join Operation Beautification which is an opportunity for community groups, faith-based organizations, youth groups, businesses and residents to build community pride and partnerships by coming together to clean up and beautify their neighborhoods.

Click here for more info

Get Involved Locally 

Our communities need all of us to help to create a better, litter-free neighborhood and world! Below you’ll find opportunities for you to lend a helping hand to help keep our cities beautiful.

Find out more here!