When you think about Black Friday, you probably think about all the savings; but do you think about how you can make one of the biggest shopping trips of the year more eco-friendly? Learn more about how you can help the environment this holiday below!

1. Carpool to your destination – Partner up with a buddy to ride to your favorite store. This action helps reduce carbon emissions emitted in the atmosphere.

2. Bring your own bag – During your shopping trip, you’re going to get lots of shopping bags, tissue, and stickers, just to throw it all away. If you bring your own bag, you can cut down on the paper waste that you’ll receive.

3. Shop Green – Make your entire shopping trip as eco-friendly as possible. Consider shopping at sustainable and green stores for a holistic shopping experience.

4. Opt for E-Receipts – When possible, try to opt for email receipts rather than paper to cut down on paper waste.

5. Recycle Packing – Most items come with some type of packaging, and many times it is recyclable. Things like cardboard and many types of plastics can be put into your recycling bin at home.

Let’s Talk About Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles are one of the main culprits on the dirty dozen list, which consists of the most common littered items found. Find out how you can help the problem below using the three R’s.

Reduce – We know staying hydrated is essential, but consider reducing the amount of disposable plastic bottles you use. Try sticking to one a day, and refilling as needed.

Reuse – Reusable water bottles are very popular right now. Not only can you express your personality with the kind of bottle that you choose, but your continued use of the same bottle also helps immensely with litter.

Recycle – If you just can’t break away from those disposable plastic bottles, make sure you’re recycling them. It really does make a difference between that bottle having the opportunity to become something else, or just ending up in a landfill.

What’s Going On?

Lend a helping hand, and help clean up your local communities at these events in your neighborhood, because, #LitterIsNotInvited.

Get Involved Locally 

Our communities need all of us to help to create a better, litter-free neighborhood and world! Below you’ll find opportunities for you to lend a helping hand to help keep our cities beautiful.

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