The holiday season is here which means lots of gift-giving, parties, and celebrations. With all of that going on, it can come with a lot of waste. Below we have outlined some ways you can aim to have a more environmentally friendly holiday season!

1. DIY Wrapping Paper – Most mass-produced wrapping paper is not recyclable because of the shiny material. Try using newspaper, bandanas, and even old wrapping paper that you might have saved from your last gift.

2. Use Energy-Efficient Holiday Lights – Instead of using conventional holiday lights try using LED holiday lights. LED lights use 90% less energy than conventional holiday lights, and that reduction in energy can result in valuable money saved.

3. Recycle Your Tree – Every year millions of Christmas trees end up in the landfill. This year think about recycling your Christmas tree, Dallas, Denton, and Fort Worth all have programs to do so.

4. Give Experiences – Instead of physical gifts, give experiences. Take a tour, boat ride or fishing experience at local lakes like Eagle Mountain Lake, White Rock Lake or Grapevine Lake.

Thank You For A Great Year!

From all of us at Reverse Litter, we just want to say thank you for being supporters of the Reverse Litter cause! It’s people like you that take pride in your community and care about the vitality of our North Texas waterways that really make a difference.

We’ve got some amazing things planned for you to experience in 2020, and we hope that you keep supporting us, and spreading the word about Reverse Litter.

If you haven’t already, please take the pledge and start 2020 off right planning to protect your community and environment from litter. Again, thank you for being a true supporter, we couldn’t do it without people like you.

Happy Holidays
– The Reverse Litter Team

What’s Going On?

Lend a helping hand and help clean up your local communities at these events in your neighborhood, because, #LitterIsNotInvited.

Get Involved Locally 

Our communities need all of us to help to create a better, litter-free neighborhood and world! Below you’ll find opportunities for you to lend a helping hand to help keep our cities beautiful.

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