You may have seen in the last few newsletters and social media posts that we’ve put out a new hashtag #LitterIsNotInvited.

But maybe you still have questions about what it is and how you can be apart. #LitterIsNotInvited is our new campaign, encouraging people to remember that the places we all enjoy like, parks, lakes, playgrounds and even places we use every day like parking lots and sidewalks, should be litter-free!

Litter is an eyesore to us all, and we want to see the beauty in our lovely cities. Litter makes its way into storm drains and leads to our precious waterways, some of which we use for our drinking water and we don’t want them polluted.

Now here’s where you come in. Show us that #LitterIsNotInvited around the places you frequent.

Tag #LitterIsNotInvited and @reverselitter when you’re cleaning up your community, plogging, or while bringing awareness to a place you would like to see litter-free.

We can’t wait to see your pictures!

This Year Make A Eco-Friendly New Years Resolution


Many of us have decided to make some New Year’s resolutions in hopes that we make this year better than the last. This year we challenge you to make one more, but make it an eco-friendly one. Take a look below at the list of five easy resolutions you can try on your own.

 1. Commit to picking up litter once or twice a week

2. Invest in a reusable straw

3. Try reducing your carbon footprint by carpooling once a week

4. Try using reusable shopping bags

5. Bring your own water bottle

What’s Going On?

Lend a helping hand and help clean up your local communities at these events in your neighborhood, because, #LitterIsNotInvited.

Get Involved Locally 

Our communities need all of us to help to create a better, litter-free neighborhood and world! Below you’ll find opportunities for you to lend a helping hand to help keep our cities beautiful.

Find out more here!