Hooray for Parks and Recreation! July was Park and Recreation Month, and some of our partners celebrated in style. Every year we celebrate this month with our local parks & recreation superheroes.

Dallas Park and Recreation Department: Celebrated Park and Recreation Month with the National Recreation and Park Association by highlighting the people who make sure their parks and programs are well-maintained, safe, inclusive, and welcoming.

Please see the video featuring local parks & recreation superheroes! https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=iJa21Rp152I&feature=emb_title

Tips: How you can help celebrate all year long! #alldayeveryday

  1. Put up signs about littering:
    The first step to prevent littering is to put up signs saying don’t litter and the possible ramifications of littering in your park (i.e. fines). Install anti-littering signs at key points around the park, such as entryways, paths, and picnic tables. The more they stand out, the easier they will be for people to read.
  2. Install (more) trash receptacles:
    Perhaps your local park simply doesn’t have enough trash receptacles and people have to go out of their way to reach one. People are inherently lazy – if they have to walk an extra 100 steps to a bin, they may not—place bins near entryways and where people congregate, as well as along pathways.
  3. Make sure your trash receptacles are being emptied regularly:
    There’s no point in having many bins in your local park if they are always overflowing with rubbish! Although people will usually just pop their trash atop the pile, this will often overflow. If there is a breeze blowing, then it’s sure to get strewn around the park – not a good look at all.
  4. Have a cleanup team in place
    If you find that your park is full of garbage, organize a cleanup team to pick up all the trash. A team once a week or two weeks from the local community who comes in to clean up rubbish can make quite a difference. It is also a great way to meet some new people in the local community!

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Join Us for a Local Litter Clean-Up Event!

Yay, Litter Clean-Up Events are BACK! – With COVID-19 keeping folks at home over the past few months, people may be seeking opportunities to volunteer outdoors. At the same time, parks are suffering from too much litter and too few volunteers. Keep Fort Worth Beautiful and the Fort Worth Park & Recreation Dept. are joining on a series of park cleanups between June 27 and Aug 01. Find the details of the SUMMER 2020 clean-up events here: Fort Worth Parks Need Some Love. Volunteer To Clean Up Your Favorite Park

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We love seeing all of the hard work your putting in to keep North Texas clean. It’s never too late to start picking up litter, LITTERally! We love this night time waterbottle pick-up shared by @OakCliffLove on Instagram.

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